Slaving Ms. Campus President by yammy47

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Slaving Ms. Campus President by yammy47

Post by JSTakumi on February 16th 2013, 4:07 pm

She is the ‘school president’ that doesn't care in love

And he is the ‘campus heartthrob’ who hurt too much because of his girlfriend, now his ex

But what if they meet each other in an unexpected way and lived in the same house in an very important reason?

What do you think will happen?

Will they be reconciled or will they become enemies forever?


Note: sorry for wrong grammars and filipino po itong story na ito ^___^

Dito niyo po siya pwedeng basahin


Love? tss -_-

Wala akong alam dyan kaya wag niyong itatanong ang ibig sabihin niyan saakin

Sabi nila, kailangan daw natin ng LOVE para mabuhay tayo ng masaya at hindi natin maramdaman na nag-iisa tayo, pero ako? hindi ko kailangan ng ‘love’ mas priority ko pa ang ‘pagkain’ kaysa dyan ^__^

<--- Jamaica

Love? tss -_-

I really like that word because I always say that to the most important person in my life

But in the end, I really much hated that ‘love thingy’

Ngayon? mas priority ko na ang paggala and..... yun lang

<--- Ian

Pero.... nag-iba ang pagtingin ko sa LOVE ng makilala ko siya

<--- JamaIan couple <3

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