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Post by AysKrim on February 9th 2013, 9:44 am

One click BOOM!


"The feeling when the trailer's better than the actual story."
"Don't judge the story by it's trailer."


Prologue I

The Assassins and the Gangsters Story:
The Leader Gang introduced these three rules to their underlings:
1. OBEY the Rules.
2. OBEY the Kings.
3. NEVER.... KILL.

"Gawin niyo na lahat ng pagpapahirap sa kalaban,
wag na wag niyo lang papatayin."

While, the Top Assassin Organization has these two rules:
1. KILL all Targets.

"Don't Fail and Fall.
Don't fail killing the target,
may madamay man o wala,
sa kahit ano mang paraan,
basta mapatay lang ang target.

Don't fall for the target in any means,
fall in their hands,
fall in their games,
fall in their plans ...
and .. fall in love.
Which is fuckin' impossible.. right?"

This is a story of the Top Assassin and the Top Gangster who live in
two different worlds,
different rules,
and different ways of fighting,
one kills, and one don't.

What if the Assassins enters the territory of the Gangsters?
What if .. they meet each other?
Magkakasundo ba sila?
Or this calls for a war?
or maybe... fall in love in ..
One.. click.. BOOM!

Prologue II

The journey already started even before I was even born,
I was already on this boat,
Rowing on this boat of life,
Rowing on this boat of fate,
The waves will keep on coming,
and I can't escape..
No. I won't escape,
I will fight it head on.

But my past keeps hunting me,
it's screams and cries,
the smell of the blood,
the thirst of killing,
the pain,
the tears,
the hatred..

Still, I will make that all..


Wattpad Account: AysKrim
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PS: Medyo may pagka-perfectionist ako sa pag-de-designs and editings kaya ayan, etong post na ito ang daming arte! HAHAHA.
PSS: Wag masiyado mag-expect sa story, hindi po ako expert, I accept laits, I don't really need votes and fans, I want supporters lang naman at mga mag-eenjoy sa story ko.

Thanks a lot for dropping by. (^_^) (_ _) (^_^)

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